Vegan Egg Scramble

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Brunch at the Summer House frequently features Vegan Egg Scrambles. 


Olive Oil
Onions and/or garlic
Salt & Pepper
Cumin, Coriander
Nutritional Yeast
Spices and herbs of choice (basil, oregano, etc.)

BBQ Sauce


1) Drain tofu and scramble it in a bowl, so that it looks like scrambled eggs
2) Sautee onions and/or garlic in a wok with oil (optional: add minced ginger)
3) Add scrambled tofu and stir
4) Add just enough turmeric to give tofu a yellow tinge so it looks like scrambled eggs
5) Add salt, pepper, nutritional yeast, cumin, coriander, and any other spices and herbs of choice (have fun with it!)
6) Let cook for 10min, stirring frequently.
7) Serve!



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