Vegan Frittata / Quiche

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1) Quiche Mix
Ratio is 1 cup chickpea flour : 1.5 cup water : 1 spoon oil
(To make a muffin pan or baking pan, use approximately Ratio x 4)
Turmeric (enough to give the Quiche a yellow tinge)
Nutritional Yeast
Salt, Pepper
Any spices you like

2) Filling
Any leftover roasted vegetables, ratatouille, or chunky soup

1) Heat the Oven to its Max temperature (around 550 Fahrenheit).
2) Mix Quiche Mix ingredients in blender, or with a hand blender in a bowl.
Tip: this recipe is quite forgiving, so don’t stress too much about exact measures
3) Place a small spoonful of Filling of choice in each muffin opening on muffing pan, or scatter filling in baking pan.
Tip: don’t put too much filling, otherwise the frittata will be heavy and more difficult to remove from pans once cool.
4) Pour Quiche Mix on muffin pan / baking pan
5) Bake for 10 minutes.
6) Open oven to let steam out. Close oven and bake for 15 more minutes or when the frittata looks like its egg counterpart.
7) Let cool for at least 45 minutes outside of oven. (This is very important, otherwise the frittata will be gooey)

– Serve this with a red sauce of your choice. The sauce will complement the ‘dryness’ of the recipe.
– This will last several days in fridge.

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