Zucchini Soup or Pesto

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This recipe can be used as a stand-alone soup or added on pasta and used as a creamy zucchini pesto.


Salt / Pepper
Plant-based Milk

Nutritional Yeast
Tofu or Cornstarch


1) Sautee onions.
2) Add zucchini, basil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
3) Stir and sauté at highest temperature for a few minutes
4) Add enough milk to create a bottom layer of about an inch or so.
5) Continue stirring until it boils. Lower flame to medium and cover pot.
6) Cook for 20min or whenever zucchini look cooked.
7) Blend soup.

– If soup is too runny, add tofu or cornstarch and blend.
– If you want to add a cheesy flavor to the pesto, add Nutritional Yeast (or parmesan cheese, if not vegan).



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