Compassionate Care

Rockaway Summer House is committed to compassionate care. The center offers fresh organic food sourced from local farms and Garden Oasis, as well as nourishing staple foods produced by ethical brands. Rockaway Summer House only accept donations from individuals and like-minded brands that operate on principles of authenticity, transparency, uniqueness, as well as social and environmental responsibility. We foster products that enhance a sense of well being and quality of life, and also adhere to our core values. Mattresses, bedding, meditation cushions and other items at the house have been donated by environmentally sound companies. We encourage retreatants to develop compassion also off the cushion in their day-to- day life, by changing their purchasing habits.


Want to donate ethical products to the Rockaway Summer House?

Please send us an email with what you have in mind. 


Thank you for donating and making the Rockaway Summer House possible.