Garden Oasis is a volunteer-led project launched by creative collective Rockaway Summer in the backyard of the Rockaway Summer House. It was designed to provide a quiet healing natural space for the Rockaway peninsula to enjoy, and a peaceful setting for art projects, community events and health & wellness initiatives. The garden is open to the general public twice a week, with periodical educational workshops led by members and community leaders with experience and knowledge. Project agenda includes: bio-sustainable gardening; herbal medicine instruction & practices; nutrition & cooking (including vegetarian, vegan, paleo and gluten-free meals); ecology-based philosophy & practices; energy & vibrational healing instruction & practices (including yoga & meditation)

A contemplative garden that incorporates humane/spiritual values with bio-sustainable, herbal and self-reliant practices, Garden Oasis provides a caring eco-friendly community experience. All produce in excess will be offered freely in scheduled food give-aways for our neighbors that we will announce ahead of time.

Garden Oasis is a member of ERGC (East Rockaway Growing Coalition), along with Edgemere Farm, Youth Task Force Garden, Beach 41st Street Garden(NYCHA), and Seagirt Garden.

We will be open to the public from July to October, every Wednesday and Sunday from 4pm-8pm.

504 Beach 68th Street (Entrance on Thursby Avenue, next to garage).